Thursday, October 6, 2016

Episode 2: We want you for a new Recruit!

Episode 2 is now live! Find it on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Guest Tim Spakowski joins me to talk about Kings Hobbies and Games, sponsor of The Veteran Wargamer. My second guest is my brother Chris Arnold. We talk about the Recruits Gaming Convention and various other topics.

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Modern US Tank Company (M1A2) GHQ Stock # N156

All Quiet on the Martian Front

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Ft. Knox US Army Human Resources Command “Stripes” graduation reenactment


  1. Good stuff. I just finished listening to your first two episodes and like what I'm hearing so far. One technical point, your audio may benefit from more close up micing. I find it to be a little lacking in bass and sometimes the voices don't sound close to the mic. That being said the sound quality is not horrible. I heard about your podcast from Andrew Dyer. I put together this year's Oldhammer in the New World t-shirt, but can't take credit for the meme. That comes from and I used it with their permission. This comment is super long already so I'll just wrap it up by saying, I look forward to future episodes.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sean. Yeah, Chris was definitely too far away from the mic. I hope I'm sitting close enough on the segment I recorded with Andrew last night. It was fun talking Oldhammer with him. I'd like to make it to the next OHNW event. We'll see. Thanks again.