Thursday, December 29, 2016

Episode 7: The Year is dead. Long live the Year.

My brother Chris and I discuss the year that was that was and the year to come.

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Other companies we mentioned:
Days of Wonder - Ticket to Ride
Henry Hyde’s Wargaming page
Fantasy Flight Games - X-Wing Miniatures
Wizards of the Coast - Magic the Gathering
Privateer Press Warmachine/Hordes
Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000/Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Ares Games - Wings of War/Wings of Glory
Netflix - Stranger Things
Howard Whitehouse - Pulp Action Library
Recruits Convention


  1. hi Jay

    re your comments about looking for a skirmish game for sci-fi

    take a look at 7TV, its really adaptable and handles 12 figs a side very well. they also have a free Star Wars mod pack that could allow you to move into that universe if you wanted. just search for Crooked Dice and you'll find it

    1. I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up. I know the Meeples and Miniatures crew are into it.

  2. With reference to fantasy Battlelore what about the first edition? It does have a epic version and I picked up a couple of cheap sets on ebay! You need to look around because some people want very silly money for it but if you look actual auctions there are some bargains out there. And, of course, it comes with 20mm figures.

    1. Yes, I looked at 1st Ed BattleLore thanks to your recommendation and Neil Shuck's. Seems the Epic BattleLore board is quite a bit deeper (13 deep x 17 wide) than the standard C&C board, and only slightly wider (9 deep x 13 wide). Of course, it is much narrower than the C&C Epic board (9 deep x 26 wide). As I told Neil, I'm taking bits and pieces from all over. Does it use a separate command deck from standard BattleLore?

      The game I'm working on is heavily committed to 28mm figures. That proverbial ship has sailed.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Just finished listening to the episode. Good Stuff. I've already almost purchased that World Works set and took a look at Pico Armor. 3mm may be too small for me. I listened in dribs and drabs so may have the ext topic wrong, but you may want to talk to Brian Kirkell about hosting games at ones own house. His events are great, and he's got one coming up at the end of January.

    1. Just get FirstLight already. It comes with a free expansion. Go on.

      I like 3mm, but to each his own. It allows one to do big games without spending big money. I might even look at Napoleonics using 3mm, even though I've got some 6mm stuff already.

      I can see doing a show on hosting games at your own house. I've done plenty of good gaming in friends' homes. There's a certain comfort to it that can't be replicated in a club, store or convention setting.

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