Thursday, March 9, 2017

Episode 12: Top Faves with Dave Goes to the Movies

Episode 12: Top Faves with Dave Goes to the Movies! with Dave Tubbs is live.

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  1. You can't handle the truth Dave ;)

    Re-post from Facebook:
    Fury is still a comic book movie rather than a war movie, same with Inglorious Basterds. As such it has a lot of action and the town scene was one of the better depictions of the impact of battle on soldiers and civilians alike (almost as good as Stalingrad).

    I just can't get over the "Normandy Drift" Tiger battle and the Utterly Inept SS in the night battle. Though reflecting on it, there are a few shots here that could have been drawn from Eisenstein's depiction of Teutonic knights in Alexander Nevsky so kudos there.

    Now as a game Fury would work with a player running Fury vs a GM running the Nazi hordes, an armoured Rorke's Drift if you will. I might flip it to have the Tiger show up as a boss level after the infantry assault. The Lardie's What A Tanker! rules might work well.

    I may re-watch Fury - it took 3 viewings to come to terms with Basterds.

  2. Great podcast and I definitely agree with Aliens (the Prodos Games Alien figures are superb, their Marines less so. Would agree with EM4 as a better alternative). I would cheat and nominate the Lord of the Rings trilogy as in each film you get great inspiration for gaming - huge set-piece battles (Two Towers, Pelennor Fields), smaller skirmish (the Breaking of the Fellowship) and who doesn't like the idea of taking on a winged demon made of fire and smoke?

    Other movies that I have got inspiration from - Oblivion, 13 Hours, Blackhawk Down, Lone Survivor, Green Zone, Heat, and The Mummy (hope that pleases Dave!)

    Keep the good stuff coming!

  3. Thanks again. Yes, the Grenadier/eM4 figures are great.

    Heat would make for a great heist game! Love that movie.