Thursday, June 15, 2017

Episode 19: Top Faves with Dave goes to the Library is live!

Episode 19: Top Faves with Dave goes to the Library.

We talk with Dave Tubbs about what novels inspire us to game.

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Other companies we mentioned:
Sharpe's Rifles
Sharp Practice!

The Killer Angels
Regimental Fire and Fury

PicoArmor ACW

The Hobbit
GW LOTR/Hobbit

Song of Blades and Heroes


Iron Guard
Fifteen Hours

Warhammer 40,000

Honor Harrington

Full Thrust

Ad Astra Games Miniatures

For Whom the Bell Tolls

A World Aflame

Chain of Command

Flames of War partisans

Eisenhorn Triology

Rogue Stars

Shadow War Armageddon

Team Yankee
Red Storm Rising


PFC C-in-C

Baccus 6mm

Les Miserables
Three Musketeers

En Garde!


Pike and Shotte

Warlord Landsknechts

Hammer's Slammers

Hammer's Slammers Rules

15mm Slammers vehicles


Picoarmor SciFi

War and Peace

Among the Thugs
Blood Bowl


Conan Adventure Game

Copplestone 15mm Barbarians

Grenadier/Mirliton Barbarians

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  1. Something ya'll missed on Dave's Ciaphas Cain 40k pick. Those novels are loosely based on the Flashman Papers by George MacDonald Fraser. Flashman (an officer in the British army) is a cowardly braggart who somehow always ends on the winning side of every situation. He travels the world getting involved with many historical situations from the 1840-1890. He starts of in Afghanistan and even makes his way to the battles of Little Big Horn and Rorke's Drift.

    1. Yes indeed. Those novels sound like Flashman to a T. Thanks for the comment. I need to investigate Flashman myself.

  2. I'm just listening the podcast from Spain and have reached the part where you talk about the SCW. In 28mm you have the nicest range around by Empress Miniatures and in 15 mm by Peter Pig. As for rules, I can't recommend more the SCW supplement by TooFatLardies for Chain of Command, it can be downloaded from free. Hope this helps. Great podcasts Jay, perfect to listen when I paint. Thanks for it indeed

    1. Yes, both ranges were brought to my attention in other places. Having looked at both I agree. CoC is a great set of rules as well. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Just been catching up on episodes and really enjoyed this one (like the Top 5 Movies). Anibal Invictus has drawn attention to the Chain of Command Espana supplement (which is very good indeed and has a wealth of info even if you don't use the Chain of Command rules) but thought I'd mention Minairons 1/72 SCW range - they have their own website but they are also available via The Plastic Soldier Company