Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ep 34: Top Faves with Dave goes digital is Live!

Ep 34: Top Faves with Dave goes digital

Dave Tubbs, Nick Nerthery and I talk about military-themed video games.

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New Segment - Stump Jay! Dave’s attempt to stump Jay took 308 milliseconds to solve.
Maori Wars Empress Miniatures -

Emu Wars Eureka Miniatures -

SCW Empress -

Top Faves
Myth: The Fallen Lords -
Gog -
Wolfenstein 3D -
Starcraft: Brood War -
War Thunder -
Wolfpack -
UBoot Kickstarter -
Captain Sonar -
Red November -
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far -
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter -
Axis & Allies CD -
Company of Heroes -
Dawn of War -
Halo -
Halo Fleet Battles -
Diplomacy Play By Email -
Junta -
Call of Duty: World at War -
Total War -
Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway -
Nick’s Article -

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